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  • It is no secret the cost to run anything electrical in your home is increasing. Coming out of winter often gives you a slight break on your electric bill, but is it enough? Could you be doing more to save yourself a little more money every month? The answer is yes. However, you may not want to change your habits or maybe you are already scaled way back on your energy usage and are not up for doing too much more. That’s okay. Your Electrician in Bradenton Sarasota has another solution that requires nothing more from you than changing out a light bulb. The team at Performance Electric  wants you to save a little extra money on your electric bill and has some great news.

    LED light bulbs are available in all shapes, sizes and even colors. Before, you had to have a specific kind of light fixture that would accommodate the bulbs, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, they look very similar to the old school incandescent lights. They are not the same! A single LED bulb is going to cost you more. You can expect to pay $4 to $20 for a bulb, depending on the wattage, brand and type explains a electrician. Bradenton, Sarasota residents who are not sure why LEDs are all the rage can head to a home improvement store and check out the displays set up that allow you to see the difference.

    LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity, but provide the same amount of light. For example; you can get the same amount of light as you would with a 100-watt bulb and only actually use about 12 watts (this will vary). The LEDs are very bright and you will discover you only need about a 60-watt bulb to provide plenty of light in an area. Your Bradenton, Sarasota electrician explains the best part about these bulbs, besides their energy efficiency, they last for years! If you have any more questions about LEDs and how they can help you lower your electric bill, give Performance Electric a call today