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  • Once you begin to understand the vast possibilities of home automation scheduling, you can come up with a variety of useful, creative solutions to make your life easier. Is there a west-facing window that lets in too much light? Plug in your motorized blinds using a "smart" outlet and program the outlet to close the blinds at the brightest part of each day.

    The real hands-on control begins when you start interacting with your home’s automation system from your mobile device using your remote app. In addition to arming and disarming your alarm system, reprogram the scheduling, locking and unlocking of your doors, reset your thermostat and adjust your lights all from your mobile device, from anywhere you may be in the world. As manufacturers create more and more "smart" devices and appliances, the possibilities for home automation grow limitlessly.

    One distinct advantage of the future of home automation is the unmatched potential for electrical savings, and therefore cost savings to you. Your thermostat is already "smart" in that it uses and recognizes a temperature threshold to govern your home's heating and cooling systems. In many cases, thermostats are programmable with different target temperatures that keep your energy usage to a minimum during hours when you're least likely to benefit from heating and cooling.

    Even at its most basic level, home automation extends this scheduled programmability to lighting - to suit your energy usage to your regular daily schedule. With even more flexible and advanced home automation systems, certain electrical outlets or individual devices can be set to automatically powered down during hours of the day when you don't need them. Scheduling for isolated devices like thermostats and sprinkler systems, the can be broken down further to distinguish between weekdays and weekends and even seasons of the year.

    While set schedules are helpful, many of us keep varied hours - apart from 9 to 5 each day. In cases like these, energy costs are even further reduced by programming "macros" into the automation system and controlling it remotely whenever you need it. In other words, a "coming home" event is programmable that turns on lights and heating during your drive home from work - with one tap on your smartphone. Likewise, a programmable "leaving home" event could save you from wasting energy on forgotten lights and appliances once you've left for the day.


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